Different Ever After is a festival of contemporary UK.
Different Ever After explores the new reality we are living in and how it is transforming our lives. 2020 has already affected both the lives of individuals and society as a whole. The festival is a place to encounter unusual stories, strong emotions, and challenging issues. Different Ever After is about people who are not afraid to change with time. It provides
space for new decisions and immediate action. We created the identity and website design for the project. The festival identity refers to the connection of times, a culture of diversity and inclusion. Colored graphic elements “open up” the bottom layer of information revealing the hidden, invisible.
The festival programme brings together contemporary British practices in the fields of science, innovation, sustainable development,
arts and culture, which are driving long-overdue transformations in our society. We created website design for the project.
Art direction & design: Ira Kosheleva, Andrey Trukhan Motion design: Costa Tol
British Embassy Moscow Theory & Practice
Fonts in use
Suisse Int'l by Swiss Typefaces William by Contrast Foundry
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