“Let the Other Live in Me” is an exhibition about new forms of human interaction with non-human agents
The exhibition “Let the Other Live in Me” is dedicated to human communication with other forms of life, such as animals, plants, bacteria, large-scale physical phenomena and technological systems. Human being is on the border of two worlds, biological and technological, belonging to both of them at the same time. The viewers of the exhibition get a unique experience of interaction with
The other, based not on the mechanisms of direct control and subordination, but on the strategies of symbiosis and dialogue. The exhibition was held at the New Tretyakov Gallery under the Laboratoria Art & Science Foundation. Among the artists: Marina Abramovic, Ralf Baecker, Art Orienté objet, Agnes Mayer-Brandis, Saša Spačal, Jenna Sutela, Elena Nikonole, Nina Rajcic, ::vtol::, Danya Vasiliev, 0(rphan)d(rift).
Ira Kosheleva Ksenia Kotlyarovskaya Konstantin Tolstikov
Natalia Polskaya Anton Galetskiy Nailya Karimova Yulia Selezneva Anna Kolysheva
Laboratoria Art & Science Foundation Tretyakov Gallery
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