Art project

The RE:Formation series was created for the auction at the Coca-Cola HBC conference dedicated to recycling.

The series of three objects — RE: Mona, RE: Red Horse, RE: Black Square — is an homage to iconic works of art. Each object is a combination of two icons of popular culture — artistic creation and commercial brand. Coca-Cola classic aluminum can and the work of the famous artist in the synthesis process create a new meaning.
RE:Mona — homage to Leonardo da Vinci
Making of
638 cans of Coca-Cola classic, 638 nails, 6 sheets of polystyrene and 13 working hours of the milling machine were used in the process of creating the Re:Mona object. Different heights of the modules create volume and illusion of light and dark, which allows us to consider the image of Mona Lisa.
RE:Red_Horse — homage to Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin
Making of
The Re:Red_Horse object consists of 300 cans of Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta. Banks are tightly joined together, creating a visual canvas.
RE:Black_Square — homage to Kazimir Malevich
Making of
The RE:Black_square object consists of 160 cans of Coca-Cola Zero. Cans are painted black and white, forming a black square and a white border.
Art director: Ira Kosheleva Technical director: Costa Tol
Coca-Cola HBC
Tech coworking & supervision
Laba space
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