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Bites. Tell us your story.

BITES is an original content studio of Fetish Film agency, focused on the production of photo and video content against standard briefs — emotional stories that they personally want to realize with the help and support of brands.
Byte is a unit of digital information that consists of 8 bits. The idea behind visual identity for BITES studio that specializes in producing photo and video content, is data set. The name BITES derived from the combination of two words — BYTES and BITS, and the letter I is multyplying like bits of information. Automatically generated bubble contains either images or slogans.
Creative director: Ira Kosheleva Art director: Anna Tolchinskaya General producer: Costa Tol Animation & sound: Alexandr Demchenkov, Ksenia Kotlyarovskaya Photo: Fetish Film, Katya Bobkova
Fetish Film
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