Exhibition design

Zaryadye park presented a fantasy on the theme of the Pavilion of the Future

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space, Zaryadye park presented COS20MOS21 exhibition — a fantasy on the theme of the Pavilion of the Future, which could have opened in the park several hundred years after the memorable event. The large exhibition hall becomes a kind of art compartment of the park inside the panoramic project COS20MOS21.
We carried out COS20MOS21 identity art direction. The first manned flight into space gave a new impetus to the dreams of mankind about the future, which turned into the main image of the identity. The future is often eclectic — technology here is combined with the ancient ideals of aesthetics and philosophy. Zaryadye collects sections of the cosmic idea of ​​different times and shows that one day they may all turn out to be equivalent.
Art direction
Tuman studio
Olga Pogorelova
Zaryadye park
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