Brand identity

Fabrika 1830 — an art quarter on the territory of the Balashikha Cotton Spinning Factory.

At present, a process of revitalization is taking place in the territorial space, which should preserve its authentic atmosphere and fill it with new content, becoming the center of the cultural life of the city. We created the identity system of Fabrika 1830. The sign is based on the combination of two main artefacts of the manufactory — the clock and the chimney, forming the first letter of the name “Ф”.
The graphic patterns are based on the elements of a mosaic preserved on the territory of Fabrika 1830. Patterns combine architectural elements with animal mosaics. They mark objects in the Fabrika area, merchandise and souvenir products.
Art direction: Irina Kosheleva Motion design: Costa Tol Producer: Irina Filchenkova
Fabrika 1830
Fonts in use
Cofo Sans by Contrast Foundry
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