Exhibition design

Mayakovsky 125 years — the joint exhibition of the Mayakovsky State Museum and the Marina Tsvetaeva House-Museum

A constructive font and elements were created for the exhibition. Showwindows with the exposition objects are lined up on the grid for convenient and clear perception of the exhibition. Graphic elements complement this idea by integrating into the grid system. The walls are covered with poetic texts symbolising the dialogue between two rebel poets who are close to their rejection of the “mad world”.
Art direction/design: Ira Kosheleva Interior architect: Vasilina Kharlamova Exhibition curators: Maria Stepanova, Galina Antipova Selection of items: Ksenia Logushkina, Dmitry Karpov Technical curator: Petr Ignatovich Editors: Lubov Vikulina, Natalia Kachur
Mayakovsky State Museum, House-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
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