Juice and nectar brand Rich has launched a new product called Rich Dolce
Rich Dolce — the first one in Bubbles line of natural carbonated juice drinks. Inspired by the traditions of Southern Italy, Rich Dolce drinks contain up to 70% of fruit and berry juice, water and bubbles, with no added sugar. The product is presented in two flavors: sweet cherry with tart grapefruit, and refreshing lemon.
Design team created a solution emphasizing the laconic and rich nature of the drink and showing the bright Italian character. Rich Dolce packaging highlights the drink rich taste and demonstrates its benefits. Large logo makes it easy to identify Rich brand, a well-established quality mark among juices. A ircular emblem marks the Bubbles line. The typeface refers to the historic 19th century Clarendon fonts. The contrasting combination of yellow and blue / red and blue makes it noticeable, bright artistic illustra- tions refer to the tradition of Tuscan majolica and give a sense of the spirit of Italy.
Tuman team
Art direction: Ira Kosheleva Head producer: Konstantin Tolstikov Illustrator: Olga Epikhina
Rich team
Marketing manager: Tatyana Esipova IMC manager: Anna Reymonte Brand manager: Inna Ten Project manager: Maria Petrenko
Multon, Coca-Cola HBC
Fonts in use
Clarendon Graphic by Optimo, Cofo Robert by Contrast Foundry
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