Packaging design

Rich Fleur is a line of natural sparkling juice drinks inspired by traditions of Provence

It’s made from juices of ripe fruits and berries with flower and herbal extracts, light bubbles, and water. Two main tastes, grape-lavender and rose-mandarin, form the basis of Rich Fleur. The packaging design reflects the nobility and sophistication of the brand. The color palette and custom illustrations emphasise the artisanality and nature of the drink, while the inscription on the logo, reinterprets 16th-century French cursive.
Design director — Ira Kosheleva General producer — Costa Tol Senior designer — Ksenia Kotlyarovskaya Illustrator — Olga Pylaieva Type designer — Liza Rasskazova Photography — Olga Pogorelova
Multon, Coca-Cola HBC
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