Exhibition design

Where is my home? — an exhibition based on Marina Tsvetaeva’s Poem of the Air.

Visual identity is based on the central theme — notebooks. The main elements are the lines of four types of the poet's notebooks. Navigation is based on sections of the poem, halls are named after “Airs”. Colors are divided into four spaces of the poet's life: red, gray, white and black. Following the stages of the poem, the exhibition space changes, consistently getting rid of sound, color and light.
Exhibition guide
The exhibition guide helps to navigate the exhibition space and meanings. The air on the cover is central. The fields separate the author's from the outside. Information text is placed in the field space, author's texts and illustrations occupy the rest of the spreads.
Art director/designer: Ira Kosheleva Producer: Konstantin Tolstikov Architecture: Vasilina Kharlamova, Kirill Berezhnov Curators: Evgenia Petlinskaya, Tatiana Teplyakova Project curator: Elena Zhuk
Multimedia designer: Fedor Nozdrin Multimedia developers: Vadim Shpak, Alexey Bikhun Film director: Dmitry Milyaev Film producer: Marina Kosheleva Operator: Van Ka Assistant operator : Mikhail Naumov Sound: Oits Ladno
House-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
Fonts in use
Vesterbro by Black foundry
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