Exhibition design

“A fell, B lost” — an exhibition dedicated to Soviet censorship.

For 70 years, a strict censorship had been operating in the USSR covering all spheres of public activity. Each letter represents one word behind which the realities of Soviet censorship practices or examples of civil resistance to total control are hidden. Font developed for the exhibition refers to Soviet aesthetics and redefines it.
Red buttons with letters can be pressed to highlight the exhibition objects.
Using a flashlight, the viewer is invited to explore the curtains.
Curtains “hide” historical censored documents.Black boxes with Soviet artifacts are represented as interactive objects that allow the viewer to interact with them.The shelf contains drawers that refer to library archives.
Design — Ira Kosheleva Architect — Vasilina Kharlamova Curator — Marina Savranskaya Scientific advisors — Boris Belenkin, Anna Bulgakova, Irina Shcherbakova Coordinator — Anna Bulgakova
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