Brand identity

K50 is a SaaS platform for automating online advertising and analytics.

K50 is able to launch, manage, optimize and analyze all advertising placements in a “single window”. The company has existed since 2013, in 2020 it joined the Yandex group of companies. We rebranded the K50, maintaining continuity and rethinking the brand attributes.
To make the voice of the K50 digital product sound more human, we have developed a pack of branded illustrations. Having a sufficiently high degree of abstraction, while featuring a plot, illustrations flexibly solve various communication tasks, enlivening interaction with the product.
As part of the new identity, we created branded merch.
Design director — Ira Kosheleva General producer — Konstantin Tolstikov Senior designer — Alexandr Demchenkov Type designer — Olga Pankova Illustrator — Masha Yudina Digital designer — Anton Lyutikov
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