Leto, shalom! is the summer program of the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Leto, shalom! takes place every weekend in the summer in the museum's open space. The program includes concerts, DJ sets, lectures, and open-air markets.
The identity of Leto, shalom! is based on a metaphor for the openness, and the image of the summer sky before dawn. It emphasizes the authenticity of the event, the atmosphere of openness and readiness to easily learn something new. The main communication goal is to show that the Jewish Museum is a multifunctional cultural platform open for public events, conferences, performances, concerts and other public events for the whole family.
Design direction — Ira Kosheleva General producer — Konstantin Tolstikov Design — Ksenia Kotlyarovskaya Animation & sound — Alexandr Demchenkov
The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
Heymland by Zhenya Anfalov (Lineto)
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