“May the Other Live in Me” is an exhibition about new forms of human interaction with non-human agents
The exhibition is dedicated to human communication with other forms of life, such as animals, plants, bacteria, large-scale physical phenomena, and technological systems. The viewers of the exhibition get a unique experience of interaction with the Other, based not on the mechanisms of direct control and subordination, but on the strategies of symbiosis and dialogue. The exhibition was held at the New Tretyakov Gallery under the Laboratoria Art & Science Foundation. Among the artists, there are Marina Abramovic, Ralf Baecker, Art Orienté objet, Agnes Mayer-Brandis, and others.
Identity is based on the interaction with the Other, expressed typographically, woven into a continuous thread. This reflects the idea of communication through symbiosis and dialogue. The human being is on the edge of two worlds, biological and technological, belonging to both of them at the same time. Typography plastically rhymes with the exhibits — long pipes and sharp rhythmic technological installations.
Design direction
Tuman Studio
Laboratoria Art&Science
Laboratoria Art & Science Foundation Tretyakov Gallery
Fonts in use
Apoc by Blaze Type, Cyrillic by Tomorrow Type Today
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