Manezh — museum and exhibition association of Central Manezh, New Manezh, and Gostiny Dvor

We developed an identity and membership package tailored for frequent visitors of the Manezh association. The typography employed infuses an architectural cadence and a sense of historical heritage, all the while maintaining a modern flair. The illustrations showcased within the package depict distinctive architectural and archaeological artifacts uncovered during extensive excavations of the neighboring regions, as well as the meticulous restoration of the Gostiny Dvor in the 1990s. The color palette chosen, characterized by cool shades of silver-blue, harmoniously echoes the hues adorning the association's edifices.
Tuman Team
Design director — Irina Kosheleva General producer — Konstantin Tolstikov Designer — Ksenia Kotlyarovskaya Illustrator — Marina Novikova Motion designer — Alexandr Demchenkov
Manezh Team
Head — Peter Tolpin Management — Elena Levitskaya
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