Exhibition design

AZ Museum established Anatoly Zverev Prize — a prize for contemporary artists.

The motto of the competition was the phrase of the Soviet avant-garde artist: "Life is shackled, art is free." The participants created artworks that reflect Zverev's values ​​— creative freedom, creativity, overcoming stereotypes and platitudes. The exhibition at Winzavod presented all the competitive works: painting series, experimental videos, large-scale installations and monumental objects, which were housed in underground red-brick rooms faced with Soviet tiles. 
Visual concept is built around the image of a communal workshop inside a cold red brick space. Modular structures from raw wood materials emerge. This reflects the never-ending process of artists creating their work. We created an identity based on the principle of a module that fits into the architecture of the space. Yellow mono color refers to life-giving light.
Ira Kosheleva Anna Tolchinskaya Ksenia Kotlyarovskaya Anton Lyutikov
DD:A❘D Petr Tolpin Katya Yurchenko
Anton Bystrov, Grigory Galantly
AZ Museum
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