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Rich sets trends once again: new representation of premium brand

(Est. 1995) Rich is a premium brand of 100% juices and nectars available in Russia that are produced by JSC Multon, which specializes in the beverage industry and has been part of Coca-Cola Russia since 2005. The brand is radically changing its design for the first time in its 20-year history to present its premium juice line in a new way. 
Inspired by the aesthetics of 19th century botanical paintings, premium brand Rich has redefined its appearance. The new design reflects the brand's philosophy and retains all the features of Rich's iconic style: minimalism, laconicism and attention to detail. Noble blue was chosen as the key color of the new look.
Graphic elements
We revitalized the packaging design with a strong brand focus by placing a large logo at the top of the package. The photograph was replaced by a botanical illustration that displays a more natural product with less sugar. 
The new logo got rid of the red and acquired more of contemporary lineament. A prominent logo and an image of a large fruit at the bottom of the package refers to the brand's heritage.
Before | After
Before | After
Transition from photograph to illustration is a revolutionary step for the brand. Dark blue colour brakes the mould of juice category and differen-tiates brand on the shelf. Upper part holds a massive logo, bottom part — the illustration that marks product’s flavour. Therefore, the packaging forms a unified visual brand-module on a shelf and allows for
easy navigation through the flavours. Majority of the competitors still use photoreal fruits having brightness and juiciness as main attractors. Rich on the contrary got a new subtle and elegant look through the use of illustrations. Detailed illustrations, referring to the 19th century botanical painting, invite the consumer to study and consider them. 
Packaging design system
A large typographic logo occupies more than 50% of the visible part of the package, shifting the emphasis from the food zone to the type. Graphic division and vertical
arrangement of a large logo allows the design to be scaled to all brand variety of containers, thus all formats look consistent and are built according to the same rules.
Сommunication platform
The new visual style is conjugated with a change in communication platform of the brand. In order to tell more about communication strategy
there will be an advertising campaign going on from the autumn 2020 until winter 2021.​​​​​​​
Tuman studio Creative & Art direction: Ira Kosheleva Head producer: Konstantin Tolstikov Type designer: Liza Rasskazova Illustrator: Ivan Davydov Rich team Marketing manager: Tatyana Esipova IMC manager: Anna Reymonte Brand manager: Inna Ten Creative Excellence manager: Maria Petrenko Senior designer: Daria Kondratyeva
Multon, Coca-Cola HBC
Fonts in use
Cofo Sans & Cofo Robert by Contrast Foundry
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